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Caoba Doors understands that the people behind the company are as important as the company itself. Human contact is an important element of Caoba Doors, this is why we invite you to meet our dedicated team. It is through our joint efforts that we are able to Realize Your Vision!


Alexander Kronick

Project Coordinator

Graduated in 2004 from Sierra Nevada College, Alexander earned his bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneur Business. After living in the United States for 8 years –  California, Nevada and Colorado -, Alexander decided to move back to Guatemala and started his own business, which is now a successful enterprise. Alexander has managed his own business for 8 years and ultimately joined Caoba Doors in June 2012.

With a broad understanding of what it takes to be in a competitive business, Alexander understands the critical aspects of coordinating all sectors within the business and being on the same page with everyone. Alexander has an extensive range of know-how in management, production, purchasing and customer-service, which helps keep project deadlines, ensures product-quality and gives assurance to the client through all different phases of production.

Alexander grew up around carpentry and millwork all his life and has worked in many sectors of the door and window manufacturing facility, from drying wood, operating machines to installation and pre-hung fabrications. Today, Alexander cooperates with all sectors of Caoba Doors during all phases of construction, from the moment a project is marketed and quoted until far beyond it has been installed. Alexander travels extensively to assist and advise clients and sales teams and visits a wide range of trade shows both in the United States and Europe to investigate trends, materials, hardware and future construction methods, all in order to keep up to date with the evolving technologies of the industry.

Marvin Gribble

Project Manager

Marvin Gribble has over 35 years of professional experience in the wood working business and over 10 years in the door and window manufacturing business, which makes him one of our most valued and experienced project managers.  His expertise in manufacturing methods, construction methods, production, hardware, design planning and installation procedures puts him at the top of the list when it comes to consulting.

Raised as the son of an American entrepreneur of the wood working industry in Guatemala, his native language is English. Marvin studied in American schools in Guatemala and Texas and has superior studies in the fields of industrial woodworking, engineering and production control.

Marvin has been working with wood products for the US and other export markets since a young age and has an invaluable knowledge in all fields from Kiln drying and production to finishing and installation.

Due to his leadership skills and experience Marvin has come to be the primary person in charge of certified impact products compliant with FBC, IBC AAMA, NFRC and ICC standards as well as many others.

Since 2007, Marvin has opened up the market to important regions such as California, Texas, Florida, New York, Virgin Islands, The Bahamas, St. Kitts and Nevis and other Caribbean Islands where our other project managers have continued the legacy Caoba Doors has been building, setting a high standard for wood doors and windows.

Alejandra Pineda

Project Manager

Alejandra Pineda has over 13 years of professional experience in architectural planning and design of residential, business, commercial and urbanistic projects. Her skills and expertise as an architect stand out when it comes to creating the perfect windows and doors enclosures using different materials and systems such as aluminum fenestration with European profiles. Alejandra has been an outstanding project manager and is in charge of very complex constructions that range from custom-made orders to historical restorations.

Alejandra is currently responsible for various projects and works specifically the following regions: Mexico, The Bahamas and other neighboring islands that use Impact products, San Antonio Texas and New York (site where most of her accomplishments in historic restorations can be seen. Among these are 5 Beekman Street, several private residences and 443 Greenwich coming soon!

Karla Pineda

Project Manager

Karla has been an accomplished architect for the last 12 years. Her professional experience includes work ranging from house design, interior design and ultimately construction. Karla is also Superintendent & Architect certified by PROCORE. Prior to her work at Caoba Doors Karla became an expert in aluminum fenestration and façades working in the field for 7 years and has advised on local projects in Guatemala and throughout Central America.

Karla joined our team in 2011. Her broad knowledge in the field of fenestration and architecture ultimately lead to her inclusion to the Logistics-Team as one of our valued Project Managers. Some of her recent projects include prestigious sites like: Somes Sound House in Maine, Dune Deck Beach Club in NY, Sea Island Resort in Georgia and SKP Estates in Florida. Besides working individual projects she is also in charge of coordinating projects with our distributors in Florida, Chicago, California and the Caribbean. In her spare time, Karla enjoys painting, reading, cooking and running.

Ana Lucía Ruano

Project Manager

Born in Guatemala City, Ana Lucía attended the Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala City where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture (BArch) and obtained a Master’s degree with honors in Finances (MSc.).  She received a full scholarship at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, Sweden, where she studied a post-grad course in Integrated Urban Planning.  With over 13 years of professional experience, Ana Lucia has worked with both Architectural and Development firms in Guatemala City and on many residential and commercial projects. Ana Lucía is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Ana Lucía joined Caoba Doors in 2011. As one of our adept and enterprising Project Managers she supervises projects in different regions. She has vast knowledge on NFRC ratings, Impact rated products, Clad-systems, glass properties and configurations, doors and windows hardware. Since joining Caoba Doors Ana Lucía has supervised international projects in Hawaii, California, and the Caribbean. Her portfolio has since expanded to include experience managing the development of homes, resorts, and spas.

Ana Lucía´s work can be seen in iconic architectural projects such as Kukio and Kohanaiki on the Big Island of Hawaii and many high-end residences in Napa Valley and the Bahamas. Her diverse background and passion set her apart as she continues to expand her international portfolio.


Sue Escobedo

Customer Service

Sue Escobedo graduated as a Business Administrator from the University of San Carlos in Guatemala. She also obtained diplomas in Operation Management, Project Management and Logistics Management. Sue has a broad knowledge of production and architecture and over 12 years experience in the fields of Logistics, Operation Management, and Project Supervision.

Before working at Caoba Doors, Sue honed her skills working 6 years for a Guatemalan exporting company. It is here where she learned to stay on top of her game in the fields of logistics, quoting, project management and production planning. After joining the Caoba team Sue obtained a certification in Kaizen System Implementation, Services Engineering Advisory and Digital Marketing. And as of 2018 Sue is PROCORE Certified as Superintendent and Architect.

Sue is a proactive individual constantly improving herself. She enjoys taking the time to continue learning and deepening her knowledge of the industry. In her spare time, Sue likes to read, dance, write poetry and short stories as well as spending time with her family.

Sue is in charge of receiving and analyzing new projects that need to be quoted, she sustains constant communication with our customers and new contacts, also providing friendly customer service whenever it is needed.

Jorge Mario Reyes

Customer Service

Jorge has been our invaluable research administrator and friendly customer service manager since 2007. Jorge is our go-to person when we need to gather data and information to complete any investigation regarding our projects. As Customer Service Manager, Jorge acts as a liaison between customers and Caoba’s production department, making sure that the lines of communication remain active and no valuable information gets lost along the way. Jorge strives to build trust and strong long term relationships with Caoba’s customers.

Before joining our team Jorge spent 6 years working for a construction company in NY. He enjoys spending free time with his wife and daughter. His hobbies include reading and photography.


Alejandro Ortíz

Director of Drawings and Design

Alejandro joined Caoba Doors in September of 2004. He quickly caught the team’s attention as being an extremely precise, creative and reliable drafter working in Caoba’s engineering department. Alejandro has been the director of our Drawing and Design Department since 2011, and we value him highly as one of the most knowledgeable drafters this company has. His great sense of leadership allow for a highly efficient teamwork making it possible for us to design, create and deliver products built with our philosophy of Design Dictated Manufacturing.

Born in Antigua Guatemala in 1980, Alejandro studied in the Instituto Técnico Emiliani Somasco in Guatemala City where he graduated with an Industrial Bachelor´s and Assessor´s degree in Industrial and Architectural Drawing. He later obtained a technical degree in CAD-Drafting and Graphic Design in Antigua Guatemala.  He is currently studying his BSc. in Architecture at the Mariano Galvez University in Guatemala City.

During his 10 years at Caoba Doors, Alejandro has collaborated in the development of door and window construction designs and methods. He is also in charge of regularly updating all details that are used to generate our drawings.  With an extensive knowledge in hardware, clad and construction methods he is a key factor in the process of providing a superb quality product to our customers.


Sergio Nadalini


Sergio is our proficient comptroller. He is a CPA and MBA graduated from the Instituto Centroamérica de Adminitración de Empresas (INCAE). Throughout the years, Sergio has gathered experience in the financial sector as well as in the organization, re-engineering and direction of several companies working as their general and financial manager. Sergio has been working at Caoba Doors since 2008 and is consultant to several medium and large enterprises.

Sergio´s work at Caoba Doors is strictly financial. He is responsible for calculating the costs of our projects, financial analysis, presentation of financial states, controlling purchase orders, expenditures, billing, measuring cash flow, etc.

At 64, Sergio is a strong and devoted worker who, as he says, works at what he likes doing best.


Francisco Bolaños

Production Manager

Francisco is our keen Production Manager and has been a part of our team since 2001. Born in Costa Rica, he graduated in Industrial Engineering and earned a Master’s degree in Industrial Psychology.

With over 29 years of professional experience in the door and window manufacturing industry, Francisco leads and manages activities in areas such as Forest Management (FSC Chain-of-Custody Certification), sawing yield optimization, lumber drying, sawmill and veneer operation, design of quality control systems, production programming and control, laboratory tests, design and selection of prefinishing processes and materials, doors and windows manufacturing, engineering, cost control, product and process development and maintenance.

Francisco enjoys managing an excellent team committed to the highest quality standards and requirements of our product.

Ana María Godoy

Chain Supply Manager

Ana María started working with us over 30 years ago in May 1983. Back then, she was in charge of exports and imports, coordinator of local purchases, quoting projects and also project manager of our first international contracts. She is currently in charge of dealing with all our international suppliers, she also supervises the purchase of all our hardware, glass, clad and finishing. Ana María is also a project manager who deals with some of our original clients.

Ana Maria has seen the constant development of Caoba Doors, not only as a company but also as a community. She started when there were only a handful of employees and is still with us now when the company is made out of over 260 employees. Ana Maria is a vital part of our team, she is extremely organized and over the years she has collected a large credential of contacts which help us speed things up when it comes to shipping internationally.

Antonio Hernandez

Assistant Production Manager

Antonio is our accomplished assistant production manager and started working with us back in 1987. Throughout the years he has worked with great impact in all areas of the production facility, always motivated to help build a high standard product.  Along the way Antonio has gained extensive knowledge about the Door & Window manufacturing process on a large scale and has great expertise in glass, wood, water based finishing, and packaging logistics.

Antonio cultivates a close connection to all workers in the factory and is dedicated to the integrity of our products.

Hugo Norton

Quality Control

Born in Guatemala, Hugo is both a highly analytical and creative team-member, always ready to solve the task. He is in charge of quality control and the documentation of the FSC™ Chain-of-Custody Certification.

Hugo is an Industrial Engineer graduated from the San Carlos University of Guatemala and is also an active member of the School of Engineers of Guatemala (CIG). Hugo also obtained a diploma in Quality Management emitted by the San Carlos University and is certified by the SGS as an Internal Auditor based on the ISO 19011 standard. His extensive training has made him a sought after consultant for quality management and has developed solution-programs for different companies under the Balanced Scorecard performance management tool.

José Manuel Vela

Production Planner and Controller

José Manuel Vela is an Industrial Engineer graduated from the University of San Carlos in Guatemala. He obtained a specialization in Business Administration and a postgraduate degree in Industrial Management granted by the Faculty for Engineering.

José Manuel has worked for several multinational companies for over 13 years and started working as a member of the Caoba Doors team in May of 2015. He is currently the Production Planner and Controller at our facility.

José Manuel supervises the planning, execution and following of all our production orders. He attends with great attention to detail all requirements and demands of every project we handle. José’s dedication and commitment to quality and efficiency helps keep project deadlines, ensures product-quality and gives assurance to the client through all different phases of production.


Jack Brushert

Sales: Hawaii

Jack Brushert is a seasoned Sales Professional dedicating his entire life to growing businesses through excellent customer service, insistence on customer satisfaction and earning their loyalty. Jack has been with Caoba Doors for the last 16 years servicing all of the Hawaiian Islands, supplying luxury custom homes and commercial projects. Customers personally believe in the expertise and knowledge base he provides and the value added they receive from his wealth of knowledge and experience. Jack continues to deliver successful projects, build lasting relationships and friends in the luxury construction industry.

Jack has been a successful restaurateur, and also worked in corporate sales, as national sales manager for the Pebble Beach Resorts. Jack’s insistence on treating each client like a VIP and exceeding expectations grew an extensive portfolio of luxury group clients who returned again and again.

When not on the jobsite, Jack enjoys time on the golf course and toasting great friends over a good bottle of wine.

Skye King

Sales: West Coast

Skye King graduated from San Francisco State University in 2009 with a Degree in International Business. He joined our team in 2012 and immediately developed an interest in every detail that goes into manufacturing our products. He is truly a skilled professional both at sales and product development. His knowledge and expertise of the West Coast, the building regulations of each area and the intricacies of our products make him the ideal person to talk to if you live in the West Coast. Skye has an office in Napa Valley and in Lake Tahoe, from where he has been in charge of all of our West Coast projects, supplying both luxury custom homes and commercial projects.

Skye loves to travel and enjoys fishing and biking in the summer and snow sports in the winter.

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