All of our workers enjoy free health-care services from experienced private doctors. All of our workers, their husband or wife and their children enjoy the following free services:

  • General medicine doctor

Dr. Sergio Castañeda Cerezo
6a. Avenida Norte Nr. 94
Antigua Guatemala
Tel. 7832-0294

  • Pediatric attention for children

Dr. Pedro Rizzo Castañeda
Alameda Santa Lucía Sur Nr. 7
Casa de Salud Santa Lucía
Antigua Guatemala
Tel. 7832-3122

  • Free dental care

Clínicas Ovalle y Asociados
2a. Avenida Norte Nr. 3
Antigua Guatemala
Tel. 7832-0275

Free Chiropractor

Heriberto Peña
Tel. 5661-0294