For over 3 decades Caoba Doors has been a leader in promoting environmental business practices and we are committed to using lumber harvested in a sustainable fashion.

Our construction methods take into account the value of the raw materials as we utilize resources to their fullest. Our raw material yield ranks among the highest in the industry. Our experienced employees come from a rich culture of woodworkers who respect and understand raw materials and their selection for appropriate usage; a sensitivity that results in less waste. This is clearly a best practice for our customers and our environment.

Caoba Doors is the leader in water-based finishing which, unlike solvent based finishes, produces far less harmful VOC’s which is not only better for our environment, but better for the health and well being of our employees who apply the finish in our factory.

Caoba Doors is committed to using lumber managed and harvested in a sustainable fashion and abides by the guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council™ when called upon to produce certified wood.

Our FSC™ Chain-of-Custody certification traces the path of products from forests through the supply chain, verifying that FSC™-certified material is identified or kept separated from non-certified material throughout the chain.

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