In-swing and out-swing hinged operating doors are available in single or double wide configuration. Flexible door widths and heights exceeding the limitations of other manufactures allows architects the design flexibility that is difficult to find.

Design Dictated Manufacturing™ assure you that doors will align with transoms and windows throughout the project.

Hinged Door features and options:
• Available in All-Wood, AlumiClad and BronzClad
• Flexible stile and rail dimensions
• Multiple wood species or split species
• Custom profiles
• Residential or commercial applications
• Factory pre-finishing before component assembly
• Standard and multi-point hardware
• Panel options (Raised, Flat or V-groove)
• Swinging screen doors or retractable screens
• Clear solid one piece jambs
• Engineered stave cores
• 3/8″ laminated interior and exterior surfaces (not veneer)
• Wood, bronze or aluminum thresholds, or without sill.
• Multiple sill options or no sill for stone threshold
• High performance weather stripping

 3 distinct product lines to meet the design and budget requirements of your project


All-Wood Series windows and doors are manufactured with a solid wood interior and
exterior. Complete flexibility of profiles, wood species, finishes and component
dimensions make the All-Wood Series our flagship product. Wood surfaces can be
factory finished with your choice of solid color paint or stained with a transparent ICA
finish coat. See “Wood Finishes” for more detail on our finishing procedure.

Available in:
• American style (1-3/4″sash)
• European style (2-1/4″sash)
• Traditional (wide) sash
• Contemporary (narrow) sash


Cladding160Manufactured with the same standards and options as our All Wood series. Our AlumiClad Series offers a maintenance free aluminum cladding on the exterior utilizing the European clip attachment process from Uniform ( Not to be confused with standard aluminum clad products manufactured in the US, the European system is designed to allow airflow between the cladding and the wood structure preventing trapped moisture which can cause rot and decay from the inside-out. Available in all window and door types and unlimited colors and anodized finishes, the AlumiClad Series will provide a lifetime of beauty and service. Learn more about cladding.

Available in: • American style (1-3/4″sash) • European style (2-1/4″sash) • Traditional (wide) sash


Using the same European clad system of construction, our BronzClad Series offers a
heavy gauge solid bronze exterior cladding for a truly remarkable statement. Our bronze
cladding is manufactured in Italy to our specifications and is available in traditional
oil-rubbed bronze, patina bronze finishes or copper plated.

Available in:
• American style (1-3/4″sash)
• European style (2-1/4″sash)
• Traditional (wide) sash

Details Matter

The design, engineering and technology of windows and doors has a significant impact on the performance, function and the overall quality of your investment.

Our Wood

Wood’s warmth and natural beauty is unequaled and allows the most complete flexibility for architects and designers to creatively interpret their vision.

Wood Finishes

Factory pre-finishing offers unlimited choices using advanced high performance water based films that far exceed the beauty and performance of job-site finishing at significant cost savings.


We offer decorative trim and hardware in a variety of styles and finishes manufactured by some of the best known hardware manufacturers from around the world.


Caoba Doors is committed to using lumber managed and harvested in a sustainable fashion. Caoba Doors is certified by Rainforest Alliance against the FSC™ Standards.

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Coastal Hurricane Impact

hurricane1CAOBA Doors manufactures Hurricane Impact doors and windows that meet Florida
Building Code High Velocity Hurricane Zone( HVHZ) and ASTM International E 1996/
E 1886 standards that are required on coastal projects from NY to TX and the
Caribbean. CAOBA’s certifications currently include:
• Double Hung
• Casement
• Fixed Windows
• Swing Doors
• Folding ( Vista View ) Doors
• Sliding Doors
Florida Building Commission
Dade County

Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) Fire Area

wild1 CAOBA Doors’ window and door products constructed with insulated glass containing a minimum of one tempered pane, complies with ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16CFR 1201 Category I and II. These standards meet the requirements of California Building Code Chapter 7 and International BuildingCode Section 2406 Safety Glazing.