Clad Systems

AlumiClad and BronzClad

Caoba offers the finest European clad Extruded Aluminum and Solid Bronze systems manufactured by Uniform.

The European Clad system is unique and should be differentiated from clad systems typical to US manufacturers. US manufacturers use either a roll-formed aluminum clad system or in the best case, an extruded aluminum clad system. Both of these systems have been designed to wrap the wood sub-straight beneath creating the potential for trapped moisture which leads to rot and decay.

By virtue of our heavier gauge extrusions and clip attachment process, the European Clad system is held away from the wood sub-strate allowing for air-flow between the cladding and the wood sub-strate and thus preventing trapped moisture. Furthermore, unlike US manufactured clad system, the European Clad system has no seams at the corners of frames or at stile and rails joints.

All aluminum and bronze cladding is welded and sanded to a smooth surface prior to application of your selected finish on all surfaces, creating a seamless, miter free, impervious, low maintenance cladding for years of beauty and peace of mind.

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