Our Wood

There is no substitute for the natural beauty, versatility and durability of wood.  Wood’s warmth and natural beauty is unequaled and when harvested, managed and used sustainably, our forests continue to provide the greatest natural resource on earth.

Wood allows the most complete flexibility for architects and designers to creatively interpret their vision.  In the hands of skilled craftsmen wood has very few limitations and in the hands of a caring owner, wood can last for generations.

At Caoba Doors, Honduran Mahogany and Spanish Cedar are our standard species, however we offer any wood species you desire provided it’s available and meets our quality standards.

Our Mahogany is the “Real Deal”

These days when a claim is made that their products are made with Mahogany lumber it is hard to say what you will get.  Marketing experts from around the world have added a regional adjective to the Mahogany name to just about any reddish-brown wood species.  This makes it difficult to know which mahogany species is the “real deal”.  The woodworking qualities of Honduran Mahogany have been prized by furniture makes since the 1700’s and is truly the “REAL DEAL”

Our Standard:

Honduran Mahogany
Spanish Cedar

Although Genuine Mahogany and Spanish Cedar are our standard species we offer any wood species you desire (provided it’s available and meets our quality standards). You can also request split species and we offer unlimited options of custom finishes and textures.


Honduran Mahogany: (Swientenia macrophylla)

Our indigenous supply of Honduran Mahogany offers the most value and is prized for its beauty, durability and color.

Several species exist under the Swietenia macrophylla genus and are the best known varieties.  Commonly referred to as Honduran, Genuine, Big Leaf, or American Mahogany these species grow throughout Central America and Northern South America.

Honduran Mahogany produces natural chemical defenses that make it extremely resistant to insects, moisture and decay and once dried and milled, is very stable and shows little to no movement  For these reasons, Honduran Mahogany is the most desired wood species for window and door construction and ranks among the finest cabinetry wood in the world.  It’s working characteristics are outstanding for cutting, shaping, turning, and sanding.  No other wood has such exceptional grain and working properties as Honduran Mahogany.

Spanish Cedar:

Neither Spanish nor a Cedar, Spanish Cedar is an aromatic species in the Mahogany family,  Spanish Cedar is lighter in both color and weight than Genuine Mahogany.  Spanish Cedar’s color, tone and aroma resembles true cedars and contains many of the same natural defenses against termites and weather resistance as Genuine Mahogany.   Spanish Cedar is primarily used in household articles to store clothing and is also the traditional wood used in the manufacturing of cigar boxes, as well as guitars and other musical instruments.