Caoba factory pre-finishing offers unlimited choices of textures, colors and coatings using advanced technology and high-performance water-based films that far exceed the beauty and performance of job-site finishing at significant cost savings.

In the past 20 years research and development of coatings and surface films has had a significant impact on the products we use today. Water based coatings are widely used today thanks to these developments in research which have made them favorable to synthetic, oil based products. In addition to superior durability against the elements and lasting beauty, water based products are better for the environment and the overall health and safety of our employees.

• Choose between solid color (opaque) or clear (transparent) coatings applied in “clean” state of the art finishing rooms utilizing airless spray systems to assure the absence of air bubbles.

• All surfaces of components are pre-finished at the component stage before assembly to assure complete coverage of wood surfaces.

• Advanced coatings with exceptional chemical resistance and penetrating power are applied as a sealer for top coats.

• Optional smooth, wire brushed, distressed, hand carved and sand blasted textures available on both interior and exterior.

• Unlimited choice of colors in either Opaque or Transparent coatings.

• Extreme care is taken to thoroughly protect our products during shipping.

Opaque Coatings (interior  & exterior)

Our Standard opaque finishes are manufactured by Benjamin Moore for both interior and exterior surfaces.  In addition, we also offer solid opaque ICA coatings for ultimate protection and lasting beauty as a premium.

Transparent Coatings: 

Interior Products: Standard factory finish on interior products is a water-based coating on all surfaces. ICA coatings are available upon request as a premium.

Exterior Products: Caoba Doors uses water-based coatings developed specifically for Caoba Doors by Italian based ICA Group as our standard on all wood surfaces on exterior products.

About ICA:

ICA is the leading producer of specialized high-end coatings for windows, doors and shutters as well as for outdoor furniture, cabinets, flooring, musical instruments, yachts, bridges, roofing and much more.  Collaboration with Caoba Doors and ICA started in 2004. At that time Caoba was using solvent-based polyurethane base and top coats. These coatings and the synthetic ones designed for exterior use are very stiff and in time they have a tendency to harden, become brittle and crack from exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Because of this, along with growing concerns for employee health/safety as well as a desire to produce environmentally friendly products, Caoba Doors was one of the first companies in the western hemisphere to switch to ICS’s water-based coatings.

ICA’s laboratories research and refine their product using state-of-the-art simulation programs that allow for product performance to be tested thoroughly by exposing the products to accelerated aging cycles.  Cycled testing proved that water-based ICA coatings outperformed acrylic coatings (Sikkens) in adhesion, peeling, breakage of the film (particularly at the corners), gloss retention and flaking.

ICA water-based coatings offer numerous advantages over solvent-based coatings :

  • The strongest protection against the suns damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

  • Reduced emissions of solvents into the atmosphere (Environmentally Friendly)

  • Excellent elasticity of the coating film

  • Resistance to temperature changes and atmospheric agents

  • Ease of application

  • Maximum coverage

  • Lack of any risk of combustion during the application process

  • Better outdoor aging.

  • Better Gloss retention

  • No Yellowing

  • Ease of maintenance

  • AAMA 2605-13 equivalent

  • Outperforms Sikkens  and Kynar